Youtube discovery!

It’s funny how ironic I can be. I talk about how I want to the best and want to show everyone how good my stuff is. Yet, I suck! I sucked so much that I just quit knit for a week before I picked up on it.

There’s this point that you reach when you realize that you aren’t as good as you think are. Sure, I’m better than the girls at the club or some of my friends. But compared to really good people I just suck! So I decided that it’s time to step up my game.

I think part of the problem is that I’m using what my teacher taught me at a fundamental core. Like, she taught me a certain way to knit and I’ve been building on that ever since. It’s like learning how to throw a football at a particular angle because of what your coach taught you.

But it turns out there are better angles out there. There are even scientific angles which makes the perfect angle for you to throw a football. So, it must apply to knitting as well.

Maybe, what I learned from my 6th grade teacher wasn’t the best. Maybe she sucked too. Hard to admit because I’ve been looking up to her ever since. I even visited her couple of months ago to see how she is doing. She stopped doing knitting to my disappointment. Turns out she got into an accident and ever since then stopped knitting.

Really made me sad. I even cried after I found about her terrible accident. So, I’ve decided to keep on knitting for her and for my sons. Going to make everyone proud. Of course this is all talk but where’s the walk?

I really wish there was a knitting course in some random university out there. Pretty sure there are some courses like that but that would be just silly to go to a random state to take a course.

YouTube is a perfect alternative in the meanwhile. I watched so many videos and even took notes. If you haven’t noticed by now I really love knitting. My favorite videos were this, this, and this. After, watching the videos I realized everything I was doing wrong. There are actually certain positions that you should use to improve knitting speed and the quality of your work.

Like did you know you should keep your arm at a certain angle to improve speed? There are even techniques to use to train your eye to pay attention to detail. Haven’t developed that skill yet. Looking forward to it.

There’s still so much to learn! My teacher taught me a lot of things but it turns out she was holding me back. Now, I have realized that she was actually holding me back as a knitter.

I wanted to emulate and copy everything she did. Now, it’s time for me to build my own style. My own signature. Time for me to evolve.

Crochet Queen

Hello reader. Why do I keep on doing this? Not sure. A little smile hits my face when I think about someone reading this. Don’t know why. Somewhat mixed on this. I want people to read my stuff but I don’t want people to read my stuff at the same time. Anyone can give me some tips to consolidate these feelings?  I’m a very complicated person.

Anyway, I’ve taken a little break from knitting and got into crochet. Knitting really takes a lot of time from the day and can really suck your energy away. Especially, if you put as much focus as I do. So, I thought it would be fun to try a different style of knitting.

I’m somewhat surprised at the subtle difference between knitting and crochet. I thought they were the same but they’re not! You may remember how I told you I met Amy. Well, she has been such a great help (yes! we kept in touch), she has taught me alot about crochet stitches and many other wonderful gems of crafting over the past month or so.

Knitters like me use pointy needles and occasionally machines for their work. There’s even the loom knitter which I haven’t used. Machines really don’t appeal to me. There’s something about the experience of doing something by hand versus the machine.

Objectively, speaking the machine is much better as it can produce the same or even better designs then the person who does it on hand. But, I really don’t care. I’ve always fantasized about doing better work then the machine itself. Someday I want to embarrass the manufacturers of the machine and outdo them.

That will show them who is boss!

Back to crochets. Crochet has zero machines and no pointy needles either. There’s a tiny little hook that is inside the needle. What’s interesting is that crocheters do everything 100% by hand. There are no machines that can replicate their designs.

Now, that motivated me to try out crochet. Decided to take a break from knitting for a month and try out crochet instead. Let’s see how that fairs for me.

Okay, I spent a few hours on this and I really suck at this. It just feels weird and different to me. Thought it would be easy. The hook thing is really annoying me. It’s so hard to see! I have to wear my pair of glasses that I never wear to see it.

I fumbled and struggled for quite a bit before I gave up. Crochet really is hard if you are a regular knitter like me.

It’s been only a few months that I’ve gotten back into knitting and I feel like I’m doing this forever. Did you know that I was dreaming of making a coat for the President of the United States?

He didn’t even like it and decided to wear the coat that his wife made for him. I literally woke up in the middle of the night because of the thought that I failed the President.

Which gets me thinking. Can I get so good that I can make a coat or a hat for the President? That thought really excites me. It would let everyone know that I really am the best knitter on town.

Getting back to crochet fueled by the desire of making a hand-made coat for the President. Don’t worry I’m still working on my son’s coat.

Crafts Market Adventure

Hello, reader who is reading this site! Took my family out to a crafts market. Of course it’s just for knitting.

You know what surprised me? There’s a huge knitting community out there in this country. Not just this country either but the whole world. There’s literally millions of people in this world who are interested in knitting. That made me happy. Because I’m not alone.

Plus it gives me one more reason to keep on knitting. I want to be the very best. Yeah, the competitive streak of my family is kicking in. It’s really annoying at times because I didn’t know I had it in me. Ever had that feeling? The feeling of unlocking parts of yourself that you never knew existed.

Sometime it’s a scary feeling because there’s more to you then you realized. Really makes you think about the concept of self. Okay, I’m being too philosophical here but it’s an interesting thought.

Back on subject. You couldn’t believe what my husband and son looked like when I wanted to go to the knitting market. They’ve been somewhat supportive of my new hobby but I know they disapprove of my obsession with it.

I’ve had nights where I couldn’t sleep if I didn’t perfect this one particular design. It really bugs me if I can’t get something done. Maybe I am a perfectionist? Anyway, in the market I was amazed at the diversity. People from all sorts of ages, ethnicity and even gender were there. I met this lovely lady named Amy, who runs another website on how to crochet – she has been up and running for a while, it was inspiring to talk to her, oh and she is young.

I thought knitting was for old ladies and moms like me. Turns out there are 30 year old guys who are into it as well. Shocking. World really is a big place. Picked up a couple of tools that I thought would be useful. I was unsure of what to get though.

It’s like going to an art shop. So, many brushes and all sorts of paint out there. For some time I got paralyzed on what to choose. There’s just so many fabrics and needles to choose from. So I ended up just going on a shopping spree and bought whatever I liked.

Talked to some helpful people. It still irks me that there are people better than me. Makes me more motivated to try harder and be better. Still, going to make that coat for my son. Can’t wait to see the look on his eyes.

Found this interesting crafts fair here. It’s called the International Art & Craft fair. It’s located somewhere in West Africa and apparently one of the largest places for arts and crafts. Really piqued my interests because I’m going to go one day.

I’m perfectly serious when I say that I want to the best. I want to see what the best of the best is creating. One day I’m going to the best knitter out there.

All this time I haven’t really cared about the monetary aspect of selling my stuff. In here I found that there’s a huge market for hand crafted goods. Really didn’t think about making money from this.

Maybe it’s something I’ll consider.

Knitting Headache!

Turns out I’m not good at knitting as I thought I was. That reality hit me when I joined a club near my town. Everybody was just better than me. That made me sad because of everyone’s beautiful designs and mine just sucked.

The club members helped me out briefly but I just stopped visiting in shame. I’m going to come back when I’m 100% better. That’s why it was time to get my knitting on. I browsed everywhere online to improve my skills.

It took some time but I finally picked up some new patterns. It’s really cold down here so I made some gorgeous hats for my son. Wikipedia has some really patterns which I stole from and put my own creative twist to.

Speaking of creativity it’s somewhat hard to get my creative juices flowing. I mean there are just some days where I’m stuck. I don’t want to copy some other person’s design forever you know. There’s this feeling of sadness knowing that you have to just copy someone else for the time being.

Still, there are a couple of patterns that I picked up. My absolutely favourite patterns are the seed stitch, tricot knit, and the garter stitch. Check online to see some examples. The patterns remind me of my childhood with my English teacher. Really takes me back.

I read this cool study saying that different colors can actually change how you think and perceive things. Somewhat hard to believe but I actually tested it. Red makes you less creative and more laser focused. Isn’t it ironic that red is my favorite color?

Blue is associated with trust and security. White is connected to medical stuff – lab coats anyone? Black is luxury. Green is relaxing and promotes creativity!

There’s the answer to my problem. Science can give you the weirdest answers sometimes.  Went outside and started knitting in my garden. Lots of greens.

My dream is to create an amazing coat for my son’s birthday. It’s still a couple of months away but I’m working hard. I’m planning to use the crossed and herringbone stitches. They really look nice. I made this scarf and when I was shopping for groceries so many people complimented me.

Felt really warm inside. People loved my stuff!

Another goal of mine is to make a baby blanket for my sister. She’s having a child coming up and I want to give her something special. I want to create something similar to this.

What amazes me is the amount of patterns out there. I only learned a couple with my 6th grade English teacher. She taught me only 3-4 designs. Who would have known that there are hundreds upon hundreds of patterns?

Really opens your mind to the world and how big it is. Going to practice some more until I get it perfect. Going to show those girls in the club how good I really am.

If you noticed I’m slightly competitive. Probably got it from my family. There’s this competitive streak that my whole family has. I’m pretty sure it’s the sports.

Hooray for knitting!

Welcome to the Crafts Club!

Hello! My name is Peter and I love knitting. I created this site for me and my little ones. Working with my hands has always been such a wonder for me. But, for some reason I’ve never really got into it until now. I mean I’ve passively did it over the years but it never was a serious thing for me.

I grew up in Texas. There really wasn’t much to do. Quite the boring life. I lived in a town that lived and breathed sports. Sports was in everyone’s blood and DNA. The thing was that I had no interest in sports. It depressed me because I really couldn’t get into it. It just looked so bland and dull. Some people would get hurt and I felt really bad for them.

The first time I encountered knitting is when our 6th grade English teacher was making a beautiful design on her free time. It was after class and I saw her making some gloves. It was astonishing to me. For some reason it struck a chord with me.

She was creating something. I don’t know why I felt the way I did but something about creating something really hit me. I’ve always wondered whether I could do what the great artists and builders did. It really really amazed me what they could. Could I ever do that?

I was so scared when I approached my teacher. I was so nervous. So of course it took me some time before I finally had the courage to approach her. One day I sneaked up on her while she was making this amazing hat. Had polka dots and a cute little animal. I think it was a zebra. Still don’t know to this day.

I was like “what is that?” And my teacher was a little surprised but I think she felt little happy that someone cared about her work. “It’s for my son. I am making a hat for him. It’s going to get cold soon,” she said.

“It’s so beautiful,” I said. That created a wonderful relationship from then on. She taught me all her knitting tricks. I spent hours and hours creating hats, gloves, scarves, shirts… you name it. For the first time in my life I finally had some purpose in my life.

But life went on. She was no longer my teacher and my family had to move to New York. I don’t know what happened but knitting really wasn’t on my mind anymore. I mean I’d occasionally do something here and there but I didn’t really focus on it.

Years and years zoomed on. I have a great husband and little darlings that I need to take care of. Lots and lots of free time opened up suddenly. And I had no clue what to do with it. When I opened an old box of stuff from long ago – I saw my old knitting equipment.

It made me so sad that I didn’t do some knitting that I should have. All these years I’ve been doing boring or things that I hate. Never really did the things that I loved. Here’s my chance to restart everything. A fresh start.

I got into knitting again. That’s why this site exists. I’m taking charge of my life again.

As a start I joined this awesome facebook page and this group on pinterest.

It’s a way of tracking my progress and seeing how others are doing. Wish me luck.